30 Jul

PELD COFA Annual Meeting 2018

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First workshop to discuss the achievements of the first two years of the project.

The meeting will be held on Friday 17th August, UFG, ICB III

8:30 –  Prof. Rosane Collevatti – coordinator of the project

8:45 – Key talk – Dr. Daniel C. Andrade –UFU – Ecosystem services valuation

9:30 –Prof. Flavia Lima – UFG – Ecosystem services perception by land holders

9:45 –Profa. Andrelisa Jesus – UFG – Physical environment of PELD landscape

10:00 –10:30 – coffee break

10:30 –10:45 –Dra Juliana Silveira – Pos-doc PELD -conceptual framework for integrating landscape elements and biodiversity conservation in agricultural landscapes

10:45 – 12:30 –students and researches – 10 minutes results presentation

12:30 –14:00 – lunch

14:00 –17:00 – discussion and brain storm – strategy for the next year and for a sustainable funding of PELD for the next years.


Would you like to join the discussion? Feel free to contribute!

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Orzenil Bonfim Silva-… July 30, 2018